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Milk Collection Zones
48° North Latitude
The main milk collection areas from Carhaix, Brittany in France.
The main milk collection areas
from Carhaix,  Brittany in France.
Milk Products
Production Solution
Three Dry process Sites
A Unique Solution for the
prompt production and delivery.
Center Laboratories
The experienced team takes their mission to develop the special formula milk powder such as Lactose Free/Low lactose formula, Premature/low weight formula, Partial-hydrolyzed protein formula, amino acid formula and amino acid metabolism disorder formula for infants.

The institute organized the experts to make the research to the breastmilk fat acidity and give the nutrition solution to develop the formulas with fat acidity ratio more closed to the components of breast milk.

Whole Range Inspection
Inspection quality assurance
All the raw materials are inspected by the high-class control system and the production centres are uniformly controlled by the quality security system such as HACCP,GMP and ISO.
Whole item inspection
With the strict released inspection system, full items test is being made based on each batch number.
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