• Gaullac Ca, Fe & Zn
    Infant Formula
    Essential Formula when the breast feeding is not available. Lactose prescription formula, No added with flavor and gluten.

Gaullac Ca, Fe & Zn

Gaullac Ca, Fe & Zn is a nutritionally balanced formula designed to satisfy the nutritional requirements of the infants where breast feeding is not available.
Gaullac Ca, Fe & Zn provide infants with all nutrients needed for physical and mental development. It is important for infant to take other food during development. Consult your health professional for details.

Packed in tin of 800g & 400g, box of 400g & 200g and sachet of 400g.

1 Optimum protein proportion

2 Fat acid in varied forms

3 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

4 Enriched in Ca, Fe & Zn

- Gaullac Baby Program -
Origin Famous Family



  • Production Solution

    A unique solution:
    One wet process site
    and three dry process sites.
    Wet process site keeps the production
    freshness,  while three process sites
    make the guaranteed supply on time.

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  • Whole Range Inspection

    Whole range inspection is made to all the material
    and the finished products based on each batch
    number and production date.
    The premium quality is guaranteed by the costly

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